A lot of our decisions are based on emotions. It’s that feeling you get when you first open up your new iPhone or when you see a commercial on TV and say, “Yup, I need that!”. It’s the level of excitement you get when your favorite company launches a new product or offers you an exclusive discount.

Among the many factors that trigger emotion and buying decisions, color is one of the strongest. According to the secretariat of the Seoul International Color Expo, 87.4% of customers mentioned that color is the main reason they buy a product. It is not a surprise because humans are visual creatures. In fact, 93% of customers look at the visual appearance of a product as a cue for their buying decisions.

You can use this aspect of human psychology for your website design! By using the right color on your website, you can elicit emotions so your viewers will stay on your site a bit longer, explore more about your business, and ultimately become your clients.

According to Lindsay Kolowich of Hubspot, different colors influence consumer emotions and buying decisions.

1. Red

  • Triggers powerful emotions such as excitement, energy, heat, and passion
  • Denotes a sense of urgency
  • Encourages appetite and increases adrenaline

2. Orange

  • Gives off a feeling of warmth, fun, and light. Great for non-corporate brands
  • Related to savings and affordability
  • Perfect for highlighting discounts or freebies
  • A friendly and inviting color

3. Yellow

  • Represents sunshine, vibrancy, and happiness
  • Can denote a sense of power, especially when set against a dark background color
  • Enhances other colors. Yellow enhances emotions brought about by those colors

4. Green

  • Synonymous with health and life. Great for healthcare-related businesses
  • Related to environment preservation and protection
  • Great for an eco-friendly business
  • Also signifies hope, freshness, and prosperity

5. Blue

  • Various shades of blue have a calming effect on the mind
  • Represents strength, wisdom, dependability, and trust
  • Suppresses appetite as there are no natural blue foods
  • Great color if your business sells slimming products

6. Purple

  • Standard color of royalty and superiority since the ancient times
  • A typical color of prestige and class
  • Typically a feminine color
  • Use purple if your business sells products for a female clientele

7. Magenta

  • Another popular feminine color
  • Color of creativity, innovation, or quirkiness
  • Nice color to give a bit of formality to youth-related themes

8. Black

  • Signified luxury, formality, sophistication, and elegance
  • Very nice color if you are aiming for simplicity
  • A typical manly color

9. Silver or white

  • Evokes a clean, modern look
  • Sparks innocence, simplicity, and purity
  • Can be used to tone down emotions by adding it to other colors

10. Gray, beige, brown, and other neutral colors

  • Earthy and calm
  • Denotes a feeling of conservatism
  • Lightens or darkens moods, depending on the shade of the color

What color best represents your brand? Which color helps you elicit the exact emotion that you want for your audience?


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