There’s a lot of cheap web designers right there where the prices are too good to be true. And there are also a handful of affordable ones whose prices may be a bit steep but is within your budget.

Wait, isn’t affordable the same as cheap? Well, not really. “Affordable” doesn’t necessarily mean opting for the cheapest option. Having an affordable website means that, with the help of a quality web design company, you can get an effective design without breaking the bank.

A high-quality web design company offers the following:

  • Experienced custom website design team
  • In-house development
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Unlimited updates and changes
  • A manager assigned to your account

So why should you choose an affordable web design? Check out the following list of reasons:


1. Think of your website as a car. Now, I think most of us might want a BMW or Mercedes, with all of the fancy features and luxury amenities. But, in reality, you might not be able to afford a BMW or Mercedes. What you need is a car that is reliable, looks good, and fits within your budget. So, do you choose the premium BMW or the Honda that is affordable, looks good, and is going to be reliable for you and your family. When you put the two options side by side, the decision becomes easy.

We realize that money is a precious commodity for any business. And although you may want the BMW, you only have a budget for the Honda. The goal is to find that happy middle ground between cost, reliability, and effectiveness.

The same is true for your website. You want a professional website that is functional and fits within your budget---just like a good car.

2. Fly-by-night web designers are out there and while some can be good, others are very, very bad. Most of these “sure, I can build your website!” web developers may do okay work and you may feel good working with someone you know personally. But, when it comes to the support, management, and updates for your website, these folks are typically hard to find and even harder to get to make changes on your website.

In contrast, a quality web design company has a custom-design team who has the skill, experience, and tools to create an effective website for you. The company also offers in-house development, 24-hour support, and unlimited updates. They also assign an account manager to handle your inquiries, requests, and issues. The team understands how important a great website is to your business’s growth. After all, your success is their success at the end of the day. It benefits no one to have a website that underperforms.


3. Experienced web designers take your website’s security very seriously. They stay on top of the latest threats, trends, and alerts, ever vigilant in guarding the doors to your website. They also have the technology to keep your information, resources, and customer’s data safe and secure.

Furthermore, a quality website company will constantly check your website for any weak points in security. If they find one, they will recommend you the best ways to address that potential weakness.

4. Affordable web designers usually have a structured and systematic way of working. Initially, they’ll talk to you so they can understand your business, your goals, and what kind of web design do you exactly want. Based on the technologies, skills, and resources at their disposal, the designers can then present a customized website design (usually along with auxiliary services such as content creation, SEO, social media management, etc.) that helps grow your business.

Once you approve of the design, the actual work commences. This usually involves a back-and-forth interaction consisting of multiple quality checks, approvals, suggestions, content generation, and others.

Even after your final website is launched, a quality web design team will still be there to provide after-sales support and website maintenance.

5. Website issues---sometimes unpleasant and inconvenient--- can happen to even the best websites. A quality web designer has the skills and experience (or even an entire team) who can handle a variety of maintenance issues like clockwork. The team is updated on the latest updates, threats, and fixes that affect your website.

If the web designer constitutes a fairly sized organization, chances are they have the technologies, resources, and connections for an even more effective long-term maintenance program. They often have 24/7 communication so clients can get in touch with them if there’s an urgent issue to be fixed.

6. Experienced web designers will spend the time and put in the effort to make sure your brand stays cohesive throughout your website. These systems help keep your design guideline consistent throughout your products, from your logo, colors, marketing materials, software, and more. This greatly improves the future scalability of your brand.

These systems help you save time and money in the long run. Don’t put your business at risk. Make sure it gets done right the first time. Remember that your website is an investment, and you need to ensure you’ll have a healthy return.

So instead of going for the cheapest web designer, look for the best one that you can afford given your budget. The company's skilled and experienced designers can create a customized, SEO-optimized website to grow and scale your business.