As a business owner who wants to grow and scale, you need to have a professional website. However, making a powerful and effective website can be downright daunting considering that it can require you to have web design and development skills.

You could go to a professional website design company and have a team build you a customized website. But doing so means spending thousands of dollars for the design and development process. That doesn’t include the monthly or annual fees to maintain and update your website and provide hosting. Oh, don’t forget the design revisions, back and forth communication with developers, and numerous follow-up email threads and meetings. At the end of the day, is the cost and time really worth it to have someone else build your website?

Well, lucky for you, there is another option! Why not use a do-it-yourself (DIY) website builder? Yes, with a huge variety of DIY web builders out there, you can build your website quickly, easily, and keep your costs under budget! Here are some reasons why a website builder is a great option for building your business website. 

1. You don’t need to be a web developer.

Don’t know how to code? Don’t have skills to custom design each and every page of your website? Don’t know how to embed video, photos, or custom applications?

No problem! You can build your own website by choosing the best website builder for your business. 

A website builder allows you to build a website without having to have special development or design skills. The only thing you’ll need is access to the internet and business that you’re passionate about.


2. DIY website builders have templates.


A website template gives you access to pre-designed web pages where you can plug in your own text, photos, videos, and other content. Each website builder has a range of templates to choose from. 

One thing to note is that some templates are ideal for certain industries or types of business. For example, if you want to build a website for your photography business, you may want a template that has clean photo galleries where you can showcase your images. You might also want to opt for a template with a slideshow feature or one that is more focused on the visual elements of the website. 

At the end of the day, choose the website template that you feel best showcases your business and gives viewers the best representation of your brand. 

3. Visual builders vs content management systems.

There are website builders for beginners, intermediate, and advanced developers.

If you’re a novice, you’ll want a website platform with a visual builder. This type of platform allows you to see your website in real time. Any alteration, edit, or addition you make will appear on your live website exactly as you see it in the builder. Folio Websites is an example of a visual builder.

If you have intermediate or advanced experience in web design, you can opt for a content management system (CMS). This enables you to build your website from the “back end,” using HTML and CSS codes. A CMS allows you a great deal of flexibility and customization. However, you’ll need to understand some degree of coding and web design skills to make your website look just the way you like.

Wordrpress is an example of a builder revolving around a content management system.

4. No need to download any software.

Online website builders won’t require you to download specialized software. They will also work well with all popular browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are the most popular). In other words, as long as you have an internet connection, you can create, update, and manage your website anytime and anywhere!

5. The best website builders will save you time and effort.


Building a custom website takes time, no matter what route you decide to go. Using a website design company will take the actual design and development process off of your plate, but you will still spend hours going back and forth with the team to get it “just right”. Not to mention the thousands of dollars you’ll be spending. 

By using the best website builders in the industry, it will still take you time to build out your perfect website. BUT, by using a top rated website builder, you can be confident that the setup will be smooth and well thought out, the process of building your website will be simple, and the support documents and support agents will be helpful and easy to understand. 

At the end of the day, even if you take the same amount of time to build your own website vs hire someone else, you’ll still come out ahead simply because of the money you’ll be saving. Not to mention, the building process will help you to understand your website inside and out, so you’ll be able to make changes and updates to your site on the fly. No more waiting around for someone else to update your new logo or change the prices on your product page. 

6. DIY website builders are perfect for small businesses.


A report revealed that 26% of small-scale businesses do not have a website. The main reason, high-cost. Indeed, a custom website can cost you anywhere from a couple hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

Using a DIY website builder allows you to create a powerful website without breaking your bank. The most popular website builders range in price from $5-25 per month, making them affordable for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. 

Most all website builders will also give you access to a free trial, so you can try before you buy. Spend your time researching website builder reviews and blogs to find out what DIY website builder is best for you and your business needs.