Google is the largest search engine in the world. It helps us find virtually everything we may need.


Have you ever searched for something on Google and found a website at the top of the page that matched exactly to what you were looking for? Of course you have! This may be in part to Google Adwords. These Ads are what advertisers use to gain exposure to their target audience by using keywords and search terms to match potential clients with a paid slot at the top of Google’s search results.


There are two ways to use Google Adwords---either by using the search network and or the display network. Using the search network, advertisers are able to bid on keywords that Google users are searching for. From there, when a user clicks on the advertisement the host of the website where the ad was placed, the user gets paid. This is known as pay-per-click, or PPC.  


The display network, on the other hand, is the banner advertisements that you see on websites. These are very effective, and according to Wordstream,


“The Google Display Network reaches approximately 90% of global internet users, a vast potential audience”.


So now you know what Google Adwords is, but how do you use it? Here are a couple of key things to help you get started using Google AdWords:


Targeting your customer

Who is your target market? This is important because if you are going to put money into marketing, you want to make sure you know who you are marketing to. As well as what they are searching for, and on what kind of device.


Keyword Targeting


Pick your keywords. You want to bid on keywords that are applicable to your business and your target customers. Look for keywords your target customers are using when searching for products or services that you offer. Use keyword tools such as Keyword Keg to discover the cost, amount of searches, and to stay competitive in your market.

Note that using long tail keywords can also give you great leverage on a Google search or paid campaign.


Goal Setting

Figure out why you want to use Adwords. Are you looking to build your brand? Looking for more E-commerce sales? Or simply creating more leads?


Quality Scores

From here, you want to make sure you are tracking how well your keywords are working by keeping a Quality Score, which is how Google determines how relevant your keywords are to users. By Google's definition, a Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.


Eye-Catching Ads

You also want to make sure you are writing ads that are going to grab user’s attention. They should be informative, captivating, and have intriguing CTA’s.

Hint: Emotional ads receive more clicks!  


You’ve Got Their Attention, Now Keep It!


Now picture this: someone likes your ad, they are intrigued, and then click on it and it takes them to your landing page. This is where people will either convert to a paying customer or decide leave your site. Once you are at this stage, you will want to utilize Google Analytics or Adwords to track the conversion on from your website. Check out these tips for 10 Web Design

Tricks that Increase Conversion.


Lets begin: Fist, set up with an AdWord account. From there, follow the steps above to utilize Google AdWords to help you with your online advertising!