Look, I get it, starting a business is HARD. A lot of long hours, hard decisions and of course MONEY. So, on top of building your business from the ground up, now you have to worry about branding.


Why is branding important for your business? Because it answers the question “for who?” and the “what for?” for your products or services. Many things go into branding, including logos, knowledge of your competition, and seamless branding. Some pretty big things to hit, right? Luckily, you can hit all of these major points by having a custom website design.

Creating a Logo

Having a logo is possibly the biggest asset of your brand. Your logo is the symbol that people will see when they think of your brand and what they will visually use to distinguish you from your competitors. . For example, when a person sees the golden arches, they instantly think “McDonalds”. On your website you will want to have your logo front and center, which will be the main, recognizable symbol of your brand.

A logo is your company’s identity. The late graphic designer Paul Rand once said, “A logo does not sell directly. It identifies." The primary purpose of a logo is to give your company a unique identity. It’s difficult and tiresome to describe your company’s purpose, essence, and character in words. In fact, according to David Konigsberg, CEO of Optimal Targeting, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. In addition, individuals recall 80% of images compared to 10% of sound and 20% of text.

A logo communicates your brand’s attributes and values to your audience via colors, symbols, fonts, and other visual cues.

Knowing your competition


This is important for branding your business, because you want to know who else is in your market. Knowing your competition and how they work can help you to create a unique, marketing and branding strategy that is going to set your business apart. Having a unique website design will help to convert (or get people to signup/buy/invest) in your product or business. As bad as it sounds, we humans can be very vain. We like things that look nice, that catch our eyes without being flashy or annoying. So, let’s say you’re looking for a tattoo artist. Keeping in mind this person is going to put something on you that is (almost) permanent. You’re searching Google for artists and come across two potential prospects. One of them has a website like the one on the left, the other has a site like the one on the right. Now who would you be more likely to go with? We may like to think we are better than that, but with all the changes in technology and website design, we are more likely to go with what looks more professional. A professional look helps build trust and trust leads to a client choosing you over your competitors.

Seamless Design


You always want to create a seamless, coherent experience for your consumers. Forbes says, “Keeping branding consistent ensures that the information related to people is not misleading or confusing in any manner. When people see a well-established brand, they instantly recognize the products”. Remember the McDonalds example? Creating a website design that is seamless with your logo and your marketing materials (cards, flyers, shirts) etc. can help consumers to build trust within your brand. Starting with your website design, once you pick colors and a logo that you love, you can incorporate those things into your brand to ensure a seamless look throughout your business.


So, I’m sure you’re wondering….

Is it even possible to create a unique, seamless, budget-friendly, custom website for your small business without breaking the bank?! You better believe it! FolioWebsites can help you create your logo, design your custom website, AND help you build your personalized brand. Want to get started?


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