The photography industry is highly competitive. Here are useful tips on how to grow and scale your photography business so you can stay ahead of the competition.

It is difficult to picture a world without professional photographers. Through their creativity and gifted eye, they immortalize special events, help companies sell their products and services, and evoke emotion through soul-moving images.


Perhaps it’s the drive to showcase their creativity or helping people immortalize what is special to them that entices photographers to turn their passion into a business.


If you are running or planning a photography business, it pays to know what you can do to improve your enterprise so you can establish a firm foothold in the industry.


1. Clearly define your service


A mistake that most budding photographers make is that they fail to identify themselves as experts in one particular niche. Remember that potential clients need to know the type of photographer you are, your style, and your ability to address their specific needs. If you promote yourself as an all-around or “catch-all” photographer, potential clients might not trust you to take the photos that they really need.


2. Build a professional website

Your photography website is a powerful tool to promote your services to a global audience. In today’s digital world, virtually all prospective clients will find out about your business and interact with you through your professional website.


There are plenty of innovative and attractive website builders you can choose from. Start out with minimalist website templates if this suits your photographic style or try something more flashy if that better suits your work and your offerings. FolioWebsites is an excellent platform where you can create and customize your website easily.

It is also a good idea to add location-specific content to you website. Most clients prefer hiring a professional photographer in their area as it it saves them time, money, and effort. In addition, they usually feel more comfortable doing business with local photographers. Location specific content will help your SEO, helping potential clients in your area find your website and learn about your services.


Thus, rather than just write “wedding photographer” as a keyword in your content, you can use “wedding photographer in Austin, Texas,” for example. Or you can write a blog post about great venues for pre-wedding shoots in Austin, Texas.


3. Engage in social media marketing



Share links and projects on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media feeds. Proper social media marketing expands your reach and enables you to interact with your viewers. Share your photos, reply to comments, and invite others to view your website. Here are some useful social media tips for photographers.


Join social media groups and online forums that are involved in your industry. Not only can they help promote your business, but you can also learn a lot from fellow photographers and industry experts. You can use that knowledge to further improve your business.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that many people in such groups are actually itching to know you. First thing first. Introduce yourself! Share your work, give some useful photography tips, provide opinions, or simply chat with industry experts all over the world. Being outgoing in the photography industry can absolutely give you a hand up on your competition.


4. Network, network, network!

Expand your network of clients, fellow photographers, and other people involved in the industry. They offer invaluable help in the form of knowledge, constructive advice, referrals, and much more. How can you do this? Attend seminars, join photography networking events and photo shoots, and offer to present your ideas in front of groups.


In addition, you can also showcase your work by organizing a photo exhibit, whether on your own or with a group of photographer friends. Exhibits attract a lot of prospective clients and professionals whom you could add to your network.


5. Join a photography group



Being part of a reputable photography group or association helps you enhance your skills, receive feedback, learn about the latest equipment and discover new techniques for marketing your business.


More importantly, by joining a photography group, you effectively widen your network. This may allow you to get in touch with graphic artists, web designers, editors, fellow photographers, and customers, all of whom could potentially refer you to others or become clients themselves down the road!


6. Market consistently throughout the week

Rather than putting it all in one grand marketing campaign, advertise your business through daily promotion. You can create a content calendar which can help you to plan out when, where, and what content you would like to post every day/week/month.


For example, you can share your new photos or your most recent project on your social media account on Monday, publish a blog post on Wednesday and then on Friday you can attend a photography seminar or meet a photography group to do some networking.


7. Ask for referrals



Word-of-mouth referrals from clients, friends, and family are a very efficient and effective way to generate new potential leads. If your clients like what you’ve done, ask them to pass on your name to people who might also need your photography services. Ask your friends and family if they know of anyone in need a photographer and see if they are willing to give you a warm introduction. If you are responsive, respectful and provide good work, most people are more than willing to refer you to their network.


Growing your photography business demands hard work, determination, and commitment. Use these tips to help grow your business and establish yourself as a successful professional photographer.