When you need a simple, elegant, and fast website design for your photography business, choose a website builder with a singular focus.


Everyone knows WordPress is an internet juggernaut. Its impressive content management systems power 27% of the internet, and it has provided web access to millions of small businesses around the globe. However, it’s not a CMS (Content Management System) that was built by photographers and for photographers. We designed FolioWebsites to create boutique photographer websites that do everything you need them to do while letting you get on with your photography career.


As a photographer, the last thing you want to spend a lot of time on is building a website. You want something that works, something that shows off your great eye and your style and lets you be the artist that you have chosen to be.


That’s why a customizable, easy to use website builder for photographers is so much better for you than a high-powered WordPress CMS with a slew of overwhelming options to choose from, many of which photographers will never even use.


Learn From the Best


Naturally, Folio has learned a lot from the world’s great CMS systems. We’ve stripped them down to their essence, handpicked the crucial features, and built something new and effective – all in service of the art of photography. Our engineers have built a website platform geared specifically for the artistic and business needs of individual photographers, studios, creatives, and people who spend their lives working with beautiful images.


As a photographer, all you have to do is stamp your personality over our elegant, simple templates, make some creative choices, and figure out what image you want to project. Leave the rest up to us.


With Folio, you start by naming your site and adding albums and images that reflect your work. Next, add content to a few professionally designed pages to tell users about yourself, your services and how to get in touch. Finally, with a few simple clicks, you can optimize your SEO and connect all your social media accounts.


That’s all a photographer website needs to do. Now you can get back to taking pictures.


8 Reasons Photographers Favor Folio Over WordPress

1. Built for Photographers.

The founders behind Folio know what photographers need because they are photographers who use it every day.


2. Album Management.

Folio comes loaded with powerful yet simple photo and album management tools, making it easy to display and deliver your work to your clientele.


3. Blogging.

Folio has the simplest blogging platform on the market. Our clean interface allows you to focus on your writing and not a labyrinth of complex settings.


4. Powerful SEO Tools. 

The most important thing for you as a photographer is that your work is seen. Folio has all the necessary SEO tools to help potential clients find your website via search engines like Google and Bing.


5. More Secure. 

Smaller, cloud-based boutique sites are far less likely to be hacked than bigger, open-source targets like Wordpress, where some 3rd party plugins can carry malicious scripts that are looking to attack sites.


6. Responsive Design. 

A majority of all internet searches are now happening on mobile devices. We’ve made sure all Folio websites are fully responsive and mobile-friendly to ensure your content shows beautifully, no matter what device your clients find you on.


7. 24-Hour Support. 

Folio offers one-on-one support and advice for our valued clients. Have a question? We’ve got answers! Real-time chat support is available for all Folio members 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.


8. Free Migration. 

Already have a website? We know switching to a new platform can be time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why Folio offers all members with an annual term (paid monthly) free migration. Let our team do the heavy lifting while you focus on content and your clients.


We know photographer websites are unique, requiring many solutions WordPress doesn’t offer, that is why Folio is the best alternative website platform to WordPress for photographers.


With an easy to use content editing interface, elegant and mobile-ready themes and powerful SEO tools to push your website to the top of search engines, Folio is the best choice when looking to create your first website or upgrade your existing photography website.


Try out our commitment-free 30-day trial package today.