We picked several items that photographers cannot live without.

Sometimes, taking a great photograph simply happens because you’re in the right place at the right time and the gods smile down at your endeavors. But more often than not, it takes time, effort, patience and a little bit of luck to capture the moment just the way you want it.


It also takes having the right gear. There’s nothing worse than doing all the work to get to that point, and then for everything to be ruined because you don’t have the piece of equipment you need for your shoot.


Let’s run through a quick checklist of gear that every photographer needs and then break it down into genres for specialist photographers.


The 5 non-negotiables every photographer needs

  • Spare batteries
  • Extra SD card/storage space
  • Camera strap
  • Cleaning kit
  • Your camera (Yep, you’d be surprised how often people forget it!)



No matter where you go or what you’re doing, don’t leave home without these five essentials. Your shoot will depend on it.


Beyond that, there are various special pieces of equipment you should have, depending on what kind of shoot you’re doing. Let’s look at a few common styles and what you will need to have with you.


Wedding Photographers

Weddings are challenging and high-pressure photographic environments. Everyone wants to be in on the shot, and your clients are looking for shots that will capture memories for a lifetime.


Essential item: A 50mm lens that will help you get great portraits. It’s cheap, lightweight, flexible and does a great job when you’re moving around and thinking on your feet.


Real Estate Photos

A great picture is an essential tool when it comes to selling a property. Sometimes your photo is all a buyer has to go on, so you need to make it really work.


Essential item: A wide-angle lens is something no real estate photographer can be without. Rooms are difficult to photograph, and you don’t want to constantly be making choices about which part of the room to showcase. This lens will separate the real real estate photographers from the pack.



Not an assignment to be taken lightly. Creating a portrait that really captures a person takes time and experience. When things are not going well, you can’t afford to get flustered and lose sight of your vision. Slow it down, go back to the basics and work with your subject to get the shot.


Essential item: An 85mm fixed lens is the quintessential portrait lens. It really helps to pick out the details, blur the background and paint the subject in their best light.



Photographing sports is all about capturing magic moments. And if you miss it, then it’s gone forever. You only get one shot.


Your biggest enemy is probably the weather. Keep a close watch on what’s going on.

Make sure you have a screen cover or a ‘loop’ so the glare from the sun doesn’t blind you.


Essential item: Rain cover for your camera and lenses. The game probably won’t stop for a spot of rain, and neither should you.



More often than not, photographing events means a lot of waiting around for things to get going. By the time the event is underway, you may have lost the light you had planned for, so you need to make a plan.


Essential item: A reflector that will help you simply shape the light and bounce it to where you need it to be.


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