Blogging should be fun and creative. These 6 simple blog idea topics will help you get started.


As part of your content marketing strategy, a blog is an effective and creative way to express who you are, share your thoughts, and position your business in the marketplace. No technical knowledge is required to create compelling and thought-provoking blogs.


We’ve compiled a short list of ways to make the blogging process easier for you and get you through those times when you’re feeling creatively stuck.


1. Prepare


Inspiration will strike at the strangest of times. Be ready for it. Carry a notepad that you can use to jot down ideas, or create a folder on your phone to capture thoughts that you can tap into when you’re ready to write.


Imagine you’re a wedding photographer and you attend a function at a great venue? Write down some great ideas that occur to you while you’re there.


  • 5 Ways to Make your Wedding Venue Camera Ready
  • What I Learned about Wedding Photography by Shadowing my Mentor
  • The 3 best Wedding Venues for Photographers In [insert city name]

2. Borrow

If you see a great blog post out there, think about how you could put your own spin on it. Don’t copy what someone else is doing, but be inspired by what they have said. You’ll find that once you start, your own ideas will come flowing out. Pretty soon it won’t feel like a copy at all, but rather like a starting point.


Suppose you’re a sports photographer and you read a great blog on The Best Sports Photos of All Time. You can see it’s doing really well and you would like some of that success….adapt it.


  • What Makes these Photos the Greatest Sports Photos of All Time?
  • This Iconic Sports Photo should be the Greatest of All Time

(With articles like this, you can get great SEO by naming star players, key moments, big games etc….all very valuable. This is among one of the best SEO practices. Insert yourself into this national discussion and get noticed.)


3. Reach Out

Be inspired by your audience. What are they asking you about? What are they looking for online? What are they tweeting about? Who else are they following? If you ask people what they want to know, more often than not, they’ll tell you… and you’ll have your next blog post idea AND an eager audience waiting to read what you’ve wrote.


4. Revisit Your Hits

Look back at some of your older blog posts and see which ones really connected. Why do you think that is? Can you write something similar again, or can you update your previous post with new insights and ideas? Chances are, a new take on an old classic will be popular again.


Let’s imagine that you’re an Events photographer and your best performing blog was a year ago called The 5 Elements that Will Make Your Event Memorable. So how could you update that to keep the same audience but offer them something new?


  • 3 More Elements That Make an Event Memorable[UPDATE]
  • What Else I’ve Learned About Making An Event Memorable

5. Pick a Picture

Sometimes all you need to do is zoom in on a single photo that you really love. Tell the story of that photo. How did you capture it? What were you going for? What would you do differently now? A look into your creative process can be very enlightening for an audience.

Suppose that Portraiture is your area of expertise. You can showcase who you are by highlighting one particular portrait. Stories may include:


  • This One Portrait Captured Everything I’ve Learned Over 10 Years of Photography
  • A Masterclass In Photography - All In One Picture
  • If A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words, then This Is My Picture

    6. Tell Your Story

Younger photographers who are just starting out are hungry to hear how you got to where you are. They need tips and ideas, so don’t feel like you’re being self-indulgent or narcissistic. Your journey can inspire others – so share it. Choose a compelling title about how it happened for you. For example:


  • Five Years Ago I Was Selling Shoes, Now I’m a Full-Time Photographer
  • My Turning Point To Becoming a Professional Photographer
  • If I Can Make It as A Photographer Then So Can You

(These should be really uplifting and intimate blog stories that really speak to your audience.)

Remember that blogging is a habit. The more you do it, the better you will get at it. It’s also a really effective way of keeping your website fresh and your audience interested in who you are and what you do.


With Folio, there are no hoops to jump through: you just click the ‘New Post’ button, the template opens up, and you get going. Once your post is ready, all that’s left to do is:


  • Add a featured image
  • Add tags and categories
  • Enable social sharing
  • Set up SEO

FolioWebsites takes care of all the technical detail; you just have to put “pen to paper.” But getting started can be very daunting for many people. You need to know what you’re going to write about.


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