Congratulations! After all those long hours of researching, writing, and editing, you are able to compose a top-notch blog post that is packed with valuable content. By itself, it can already draw a lot of readers.


However, there is so much more to publishing a high-quality blog post if you are looking to make a real splash on the web. In fact, the real work comes after you press the publish button.


Sharing your post is an important part of the blogging process. Check out these tips for a strategic sharing strategy:


1. Insert the Proper Keywords for SEO Purposes.

Search engines search for keywords in published content. With the right keyword strategy, your article will land on the top of a search engine page result. Learn to use Google Ads, Google Trends, and Keyword Planner to analyze the right keywords to be inserted in your copy. You can also use paid tools such as Accuranker, SEMRush, and more.


2. Develop Relationships with People First.

Do not network simply to acquire as many links as you can. Instead, take time to build real human relationships with your readers, followers, and fans. Real relationships tend to be more beneficial in the long run because people are simply more comfortable and inclined to share content if they know the person behind the blog post.


Make your audience feel that there's a real person behind the articles they’re reading. You can do this by replying to their comments, giving them advice, thanking them for likes, of featuring them in one of your upcoming posts. Asking for suggestions for future blog post topics is another great way to increase engagement and help build relationships with your audience.


3. Build an Audience Loyal to Your Blog.

Sooner or later, you will have loyal followers, readers who find your blog posts especially helpful and significant to them. Take care of these followers by acknowledging them, giving them some freebies, or sending them personalized emails. These people will be more than willing to share your posts and encourage others to check out your blog.


4. Share Content in Your Groups and Social Media

Sharing your content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media channels is the fastest and most effective way of making your content known to your target audience. But, don't just stop at these channels. Share your posts on social media sites that are associated with your niche.


For example, post your images and photography blog posts to Flickr, Tumblr, Zenfolio, and other photography-related channels. Additionally, share your content in niche-related groups and forums.


5. Share to Engage, Not to Spam.

Sharing in social media is about starting interactions about your blog post. It is not cold-selling or flooding social media channels with your links. Thus, avoid spamming social media sites, forums, and groups. Webmasters usually ban people who resort to spamming.


How do you navigate this? Here are a few tips:

  • Share your blog post only in a few channels at a time.
  • Do not hog the channel. In other words, avoid sharing links one after the other. Give other members of the group a chance to share their own links.
  • Do not post the link only. Include a sentence or two on what the post is all about, what the reader can expect from the post, or how the post will address his concerns. Invite the reader to click on the post.
  • Try to avoid writing an introduction that has too much of an advertising tone.
  • Interact with viewers on other people’s posts or with people who comment on your posts.


6. Share at the Right Time.


To maximize exposure, share your content on a schedule that coincides with your target audience's reading schedules. This is why it's important to know your audience's social media viewing behavior.

Check out this extensive article about the best times to post on social media.


7. Retweet or Share at Regular Intervals.

Smart bloggers usually share the same content multiple times. That's because not all of your followers can see your content at any particular time. Sharing multiple times, therefore, can potentially increase your viewership. Do not overdo it, however, to avoid spamming.


8. Add Social Media Share Buttons to the Top of Your Posts.

Logically, people start reading from the top left then going to the right. Therefore, placing your social media sharing buttons at the top sections enable readers to share your post more easily. Sidebars are also good locations although they are slightly less visible.


In addition, there are viewers who decide to share interesting posts before finishing the entire piece. Thus, avoid putting the buttons at the bottom of the post where they are invisible to such readers.


9. Repurpose or Share Old Content.


Many of your newer followers may not have read your old articles. It is a good practice to re-share old content regularly. Even your existing followers may want to re-read it for a new perspective on the subject.


You can also look for new ways to recycle old blog posts. Check out this blog post about repurposing content in creative ways.


10. Send Your Content to Specific Targets.

If you publish a blog post that addresses specific preferences, likes, and concerns of a certain segment of your audience, share it with them. Most likely, they will also share it with other contacts who have an interest in such content.


For example, if you wrote a blog post about legal matters in constructing a house, share it with followers whom you know are searching for information on what the law has to say about acquiring homes.


11. Network with Influencers in Your Niche.


Communicate with key influencers such as industry experts and popular bloggers in your niche. Ask them to read and review your content. If they like it, they might share your post in their network. If your post is distributed by highly respected people in the industry with a large following, you most will most likely see in increase in blog traffic.


12. Mention or Tag Relevant People as You Share Your Content.

If you say awesome stuff about a certain product or service you are using, tag the company when you share your post. Do the same thing if a certain person helped you with the facts presented in your blog post. Mentioning or tagging brands and people will make them more willing to distribute your content.


Quality blog articles that are loaded with useful and valuable content and properly shared with the right audience add a lot of value to your company. Your blog helps with the ultimate success of your business.