Mobile friendly

Your FolioWebsites will automatically adjust to fit smart phones and tablets. You can use dedicated settings to control the look and feel of your website in mobile devices.

We know establishing a web presence can be a confusing process, so we've simplified it by providing everything you need for a complete web presence in one affordable package.

Fully customizable

Create and manage your own photography website content and images with FolioWebsites easy to use platform.

It has never been easier to create and manage your own professional photography website...

  • Create or edit your own content

  • Create and customize your image galleries

  • No coding required

  • Do it all from your web browser

  • No downloads

  • Never mind the web hosting (it is included)

  • Theme Settings

  • Fonts

  • Gallery

  • Blog

  • Social Media

  • Color Option

Easy to use

Every FolioWebsites comes equipt with a customization panel, allowing you to make all aspects of your websites as unique as you are.

Customization options include:

  • Font selection
  • Gallery settings
  • Blog options
  • Social media connectivity
  • Color selection

Search Engine Optimized

A lot of companies promote SEO because it is popular,
but we're 100% confident that our themes will improve your current search engine rankings!

7 Tips to Increase Your Website's Traffic

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Flash Free Code

Flash websites are becoming a thing of the past. Similar to websites with sound and animated graphics, Flash websites are being looked at as more of an annoyance than a benefit when it comes to your online presence.

To run a website with Flash, you must have a plug-in pre-installed on your browser. FolioWebsites has chosen not to use Flash on any of its websites in order to increase interaction and decrease hassel.

Having a Flash free website allows your customers to receive the same experience with your website no matter what browser, device, or internet connection they have.

Premium Support

Have a question? Contact us. Day or night.

FolioWebsites offers customers 24 hour support, 7 days a week. Contact us today and receive a real response from one of our amazing support team members.

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