Social Media Tips for Photographers

Social media tips for photographers

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By Devon Higgins

Social media comes with the territory these days for any small business. But photographers need to think about it in a certain way.

Planning amazing shots, taking great pictures, doing ground-breaking editing – all vital tools for photographers.

Unfortunately, these skills alone are not enough to guarantee that you get booked for jobs. You also need to stay top-of-mind for your audience so that you’re in the right place at the right time when they’re booking their next job.

Social media is a brilliant way to stay present and fresh for potential clients…if you do it right.

Here are a few tips to consider to make sure that you’re getting the most out of social media.


Probably the most important decision that you can make is to decide which social media platforms to focus on.

You may think you should be on all of them, but you’ll soon realize that maintaining a strong, effective social presence takes a lot of time and effort. Better to focus on one or two platforms and outperform expectations, than to do an average job on all of them.

Most photographers focus on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Others have created a niche on Twitter and Snapchat. It all depends on who your target market is and where you think you can reach them most effectively.

For example, if you’re a news photographer, then you’ll probably focus on Twitter, as you can use news hashtags to get in front of your audience as stories unfold. Whereas, if you do homes and interiors, you’re far more likely to have a Pinterest profile and work to get onto the right Pinterest boards.

Do your research, identify your audience and know your strengths and weaknesses before you commit.

Social Media Tips for Photographers

Image Quality

It goes without saying the quality of the images you post is vital. Choose quality over quantity every single time.

No matter what platform you’re using, you can’t afford to be sharing average work just for the sake of it. Make a point to upload photos that are dramatic, that tell a story, and are unusual.

That’s how you stand out on social media.

If you’re good with words, add some interesting or funny comments to upgrade the quality of your posts. Or collaborate with a friend who’s a good writer so that your posts can achieve some viral traction.

A good line alongside a good shot and who knows…you could have a meme on your hands…That’s a good way of being noticed.

Do your research on how different platforms deal with photographs so that you are maximizing your portfolio.

“There are small differences in framing, composition, angles, and lighting for social media compared to other mediums.” – fstoppers



In such a crowded and competitive landscape, it’s not enough to just post photos without context.

You can use the full palette of social media weapons to stand out. Bring a whole new layer to your. Try writing some short posts about how you got a shot, maybe share a few secrets.

Not everything has to be your own. Follow other interesting accounts and share their content…as long as you’re finding ways to provide a little value for your audience.

It’s not a ‘hard sell’ technique – those don’t really work on social media. Instead, it builds loyalty and confidence in your brand.



The trick to making your voice heard on social media is consistency.

Now, that sounds easy. But you have to get your audience familiar with the tone, platform, and schedule you keep when it comes to posting.


Because if they like what they are seeing, it builds up the excitement and expectation for your next work! This can create a desire to share it, spreading the word or even hiring you for a job.

Last but not least, make sure people know where to find you. Jessica Davis of Godot Media sums it up perfectly,

Always remember to brand your images so people know where to find you in case they have open opportunities.

Devon Higgins

Devon came to FolioWebsites with a background in digital marketing and communications. With a BA in Marketing from Michigan State University and previous experience working with both big business and non-profits, Devon brings a well-rounded perspective to the team. Outside of FolioWebsites, you can find Devon coaching and playing soccer, socializing in downtown Grand Rapids, or going on adventures throughout the great state of Michigan.

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