Remote Sales Associate (RSA) Program

Join our team of 40+ as we take on industry giants and help build better tools for SMBs to grow their companies online.

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Step 1:

Train With Us. Folio offers comprehensive sales and product training to get our Remote Sales Associates up and running quickly.

Step 2:

Set Appointments. As an RSA, you’re our front line of sales. Your main objective is to create business opportunities and work with a senior account manager to on-board new customers.

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Step 3:

Get Paid.

  • Start with a $100 monthly retainer.
  • Earn $100 per new customer your bring in.
  • Add $10 to your monthly base retainer for each active Folio customer you on-board.
  • Bring in 1 customer per month or three per quarter to remain active with Folio.

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