How do I add a menu item to the home menu?

1. Look under the MAIN menu and click on Pages & Menus.


2. Select the menu you want to add to the home menu. Click the EYE icon to publish the page and then go to MENUS.


3. After the menu is published, hover back and click on the gear icon.


4. After you click the gear icon you will be direct to Pages, click on switch button to enable Show on Menu.


5. When the Show on Menu is switched on, make sure to put a check on Header. Hit Save Changes when done.


6. When the Show on Menu is switched on, make sure to put a check on Header. Hit Save Changes when done.

How do I create a new menu item?

1. Look under the MAIN menu and click on Pages & Menus.


2. Under PAGES, click ADD PAGE. 



3. Under Select Page menu, you may choose any pages you like from the list.


4. After selecting a page, choose any layout you like and click SELECT LAYOUT.


5. After clicking SELECT LAYOUT, the new menu is added and you will be able to rename it. Hit Save Changes down at the bottom left corner when done. Click PAGES on the top left corner to go back one page to check the new added menu item. 

How to create a new page and arrange your menu items?

In order to create a new page and place it under one of your menu items and arrange them, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Pages & Menus section

2. Click “Add Page”



3. Select a Blank page.

4. Choose your page layout.

5. Add a Gallery or Slider element to the page by clicking the Add Element button in the lower right hand corner.


6. Once your page is ready, you need to Publish this Page and Show on Menu (you must select a menu for it to show on)


7. Next, go back to the Menus section and simply drag the new page where you would like it to show up. It can either be its own separate menu item, or you can drag in underneath a current menu item.

Building Your First Web Page With the Folio Builder

1.Sign up for your FolioWebsite using an existing email. Choose a subdomain for your account.


2.After successfully registering, select any theme of your choice.

3. Before adding your sections and elements, you can configure the Theme settings, such as the Title, Paragraph, Images and so on.

4. Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

5. Start adding sections by clicking the add button on the right-hand corner of the page.


6. Simply click the add button on the section toolbar to start adding your desired elements such as images, paragraph, video, etc to its designated column.

7. Once satisfied with the outcome, click the live view icon to see your first created web page with the Folio builder.




How to add an album to a new page

To add a new page

1. Go to Pages and Menus then click the Add page button.

2. Select the Blank Page. You can select a specific layout with a customized gallery section or add your own.

To add your own gallery section, click  , select gallery and then album.

3. To add an album, click the camera icon on the toolbar and click the + Album.

4.  To add photos in your album simply click the upload icon. You can add as many albums as you want.  

5. After adding all your albums, you can then choose the gallery style by clicking the double arrow symbol.

6. Once done, toggle Publish this Page and click the Save Changes button.