Getting Started

What is the setup process?

For you to get set up building your site with Foliowebsites, first thing first is Sign up. You can sign up for our free 30 days trial. Once you decide to stick around with us, you can upgrade your plan to whatever suit your needs.


Will your websites work on iphone, ipad, android, etc?

Yes, that is the beauty of Folio! Our websites are 100% responsive, meaning they look great on all mobile devices. No need to worry about changing your layout, image sizes, or font types for specific screen sizes. Folio takes care of all of that for you.

How do I view the FolioWebsites walkthrough again?

1. Look under the Settings menu and click on Support button to bring up the Support page. Then click on WALKTHROUGH.


2. After you click on WALKTHROUGH, a window will pop up on your screen and follow the prompt message through the tutorial. If you would like to skip, click on the Skip Tour located on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

How do I preview a page?

1. Each time you are done with updating your page/blog and want to see the preview, hover mode section then click “Preview”.


2. Preview mode.


3. To go back to edit mode click on BACK TO EDIT MODE located on the top left corner of the screen.


How do I log into my FolioWebsites account?

1. Click on LOGIN located on the top right corner of the screen.


2. Enter your Email Address and Password.

How do I edit the format of my website?


  1. To edit the format of your website, click on the edit menus appearing on the left side of your site builder, and click Theme menu.
  2. Make adjustments on the options and click the save button.

How to add your custom domain name to your FolioWebsites on GoDaddy?

1. First, login to your GoDaddy account, click My Product and navigate to your the DNS management page by clicking the DNS button on the domain name you wish to link to your FolioWebsites.


2.Once on the DNS Management page, in the Records section, click the edit icon () of the record with Type ‘A’ and with Name ‘@’.


3.Update the existing A record to point to


4. Next, update the CNAME record with the name ‘www’ to the value of ‘’, where ‘mydomain’ is your actual domain name you have purchased with GoDaddy. If your domain was, this value would be:


Once this is completed, allow 1-2 hours for the domain to propagate and update across the web. Sometimes this can take even longer but more times than not your website will be live with 10 minutes.

If you have any trouble updating your GoDaddy DNS records, please call GoDaddy support. You can also contact our support team with your GoDaddy login credentials and we can assist you further as needed.

How to add a Google Tracking ID


Google Analytics is used to keep track of the traffic and usage of your website.

1. If you don’t have a Google Universal Analytics account set up for your site yet, you can do so quite easily. From Google Analytics, sign in with your Google (Gmail) account (or sign up for one).


2. Create New Account.


3. If you have an existing tracking ID. From Google Analytics, sign in with your Google (often this is a gmail) account.


4. Once you are signed in, go to Admin tab down at bottom left corner.


5. Click on Property Settings.


6. Look under Basic Settings for your Tracking ID.



7. Log in to your Foliowebsites account at


8. Go to Main menu and click on Settings. Go down to Google Tracking ID and put in your tracking ID.

How do I set up my email with my domain?

1. Go to the Google Apps Gmail page and click the button that says “Get Started”.


2. Let’s get started by clicking “Next”.


3. Enter your business name and select the number of employees and click “Next”.


4. Select your Country and click “Next”.


5. Enter your current email address and click “Next”.


6. Click the “YES, I HAVE ONE I CAN USE” button.


7. From here, type in your email domain name under “Domain Name” and click “Next”


8. Enter your first and last name and click “Next”


9. Enter a username and password and click “Next”


10. Click the checkbox next to, “I’m not a robot”, review the terms from the “G Suite Agreement”, and click “Agree and create account”.


How to update my payment information?

1. Under Settings click on Account.



2. Look under Plan and click Upgrade Plan.



3. Select your Plan and click UPGRADE.


4. After clicking UPGRADE, you will be directed to Payment page to put in / update your payment information.

How to purchase a domain name and add email to your website?

1. Go to the Google Apps Gmail page and click the button that says “Get Started“.


2. Let’s get started by clicking “Next“.


3. Enter your business name and select the number of employees and click “Next”.


4. Select your Country and click “Next”.


5. Enter your email address and click “Next“.


6. Click the “NO, I NEED ONE” button.


7. Enter the domain you want to buy and click the “magnifying glass” icon to see if it is available.


8. Verify that this is the domain you want to purchase and click “Next”.


9. Enter your contact information and click “Next“.


10. Enter your name and click “Next”.


11. Enter the login credentials you want to use and click “Next”.


12. Check the box and click “AGREE AND CREATE ACCOUNT”.


13. Click “GO TO SETUP“.


14. Verify your information and check the corresponding boxes and then click “continue“.


15. Confirm your domain registration and click “Next”.


16. Enter your credit card information and click “Continue”.


17. YOU DID IT! Now click “Continue” and you’re done.


18. Now that your account has been created, we can start the domain verification process. Click the “Start Setup button.


19. Click the “Verify Domain” button and then click Next.

How to switch my Folio website theme?

1. Go to the Main menu and click on Theme.


2. Click on Browse Theme


3. And then from here you can choose your theme and allows you to switch back from one to the other.

How to add your custom domain name to your FolioWebsites on BlueHost?

1. Navigate to


2. Enter your domain name, password, and hit submit.


3. Click Domains from the navigation.


4. Check off the box next to your domain and then go to Main tab and select Manage DNS records.
*Important: Make sure that nameservers are set to default.


5. Under the title “Add DNS record”, enter “@” in the Host Record field, leave the TTL field at “14400”, leave Type the same (A), enter in the Points To field, then select Add Record.
*Important: Make sure you only have one A record, edit the current A Record if it exists.


6. Done!
Note: DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to complete.

What does the back-end of FolioWebsites look like?

Here are the screenshots of what does the back-end of Foliowebsites look like.


Log in screen.


Main screen


Album View


Blog Post View


Page View


Adding a Page

Can I change website themes in the future if I would like?

Yes. You can switch or change your website themes.


1. Go to the Main menu and click on Theme.


2. Click on Browse Theme.


3. And then from here you can choose your theme and allows you to switch back from one to the other.

How do I add or enable reCAPTCHA on my Contact Form?

1. Go to and click on Get reCAPTCHA at the top right-hand corner to register your website.


2. Note the options that appear on the next page. Select reCAPTCHA v2 and type your domain name/s in the text box. Make sure to have only one domain per line. Once you’ve finished, click on Register.


3. On the next page, scroll down and find Keys. Keep your Site key and Secret key somewhere secure.


4. Scroll down further and note the Key Settings. In Label, type in the location your reCAPTCHA will appear on your website. In Domains, type in the exact domain name/s where you will add reCAPTCHA. As before, make sure to have only one domain per line. In Owners, type in the email address/es of the owner/s of the domain/s. Once you’ve finished, click on Save changes.


5. Back on your Folio website, click on Settings under the main menu.


6. Scroll down to the advanced Settings options, and copy-paste your Google reCAPTCHA API Keys into the appropriate spaces under the Google reCAPTCHA section.


7. Go now to Pages & Menus under the main menu, then go to your Contact Page.


8. Click on your Contact Form and hit the Edit button, depicted by the icon of a pencil inside a circle.


9. Toggle Enable Google reCAPTCHA.


10. Go to your live site and check out your Contact Page. reCAPTCHA has now been added to your Contact Form.