How do I edit my domain?

See the Main menu on your left side and click on Settings. An option to customize / edit your domain will enable if you have upgraded your plan from free plan.

How to add your custom domain name to your FolioWebsites on GoDaddy?

1. First, login to your GoDaddy account, click My Product and navigate to your the DNS management page by clicking the DNS button on the domain name you wish to link to your FolioWebsites.


2.Once on the DNS Management page, in the Records section, click the edit icon () of the record with Type ‘A’ and with Name ‘@’.


3.Update the existing A record to point to


4. Next, update the CNAME record with the name ‘www’ to the value of ‘’, where ‘mydomain’ is your actual domain name you have purchased with GoDaddy. If your domain was, this value would be:


Once this is completed, allow 1-2 hours for the domain to propagate and update across the web. Sometimes this can take even longer but more times than not your website will be live with 10 minutes.

If you have any trouble updating your GoDaddy DNS records, please call GoDaddy support. You can also contact our support team with your GoDaddy login credentials and we can assist you further as needed.