How many albums can I have on one page?

1. You can have multiple albums on one page.

For example: When adding a page or portfolio. Click on the ADD SELECTION button and hit gallery. See screenshots below.



2. After clicking on Gallery, select album.



3. Select the albums you want to display on the page. Hit the X button in the top right when done selecting to see the preview.


How do I create an album?

1. Look under the Main menu and click on Albums.


2. Then click on the CREATE ALBUM to create and name your album.

How do you send an album?

1. Look under the MAIN menu and click on Albums.


2. Hover your selected album then hit the gear icon and click Share.


3. Write the email address you wish to access the album with and then click SEND ACCESS.


4. Finally, the album has been successfully sent and shared.

How do I add a featured image?

1. Go to Main menu, click on Albums.


2. Click on your album to show all the images. Hover on one image and click on the star icon to set as featured. Remember that you can only set one featured image with the yellow star.


3. Go back to Album Manager and check for the new featured image.

How do I add categories in album manager?

1. Under the MAIN menu, click on Albums.


2. Go to Album Manager, click on CATEGORIES. Then click on CREATE CATEGORY.


3. Type in the title of your category.


4. If you want to add another category, click on CREATE CATEGORY.



How do I set a password protected album?

1. Click on Album under the Main menu. Hover on the Album you want to set up a password. Then click on the Actions icon to bring up the Action Menu and click Privacy.


2. After you click on Privacy, a small window says SHARE ALBUM will pop up.


3. Click on the switch button to select from Public to Private. Put in your password and click Save.

How do I arrange photos in a slideshow?

1. On your Homepage, hover on Photo Slider and click on Select Photos button.


2. Click the dropdown arrow and then go into Arrange Photos.


3. Drag and drop to arrange your photos.

How do I arrange photos in an album?

1. Go to Albums and click on an album to view the photos.


2. Hold and drag a photo to arrange them.

How to modify a Folio album layout?

1. Go to the main menu, click Album.


2. Select an album.


3. In your album, navigate on the Layout Manager icon located at the top right corner and then click.


4. Then you will be directed to the Layout Manager page. On the left side, you can select your Gallery Style and Photos Displayed Per Load.


How to rename Photo?

There are three options to rename Photo.
Go under the Main menu and click on Album. Click on the Album title to view your photos.



First option. Hover on the photo and click the three black dots on the upper right hand side of the photo to bring down the menu. Click on Rename to rename your photo.


Second Option. Hover on the photo and click on the encircled pencil icon located on the bottom right hand side to rename your photo.



Third Option. Click on the file name itself at the bottom of the photo to rename.