General Info: Setup & Pricing

Do I have to install anything?

No. We offer free installalion and setup with our plans so all you have to worry about is adding your own content.


What is included in with each plan?

Our plan includes a 3-in-1 complete web presence (website, blog and mobile website) with unlimited galleries, unlimited text/informational pages, unlimited external links, plus a blog, hosting and the ability to change your theme at anytime.


What is the setup process?

Once you purchase a website you will receive an email with a link to an account setup page where you can get started setting-up your new site. While you’re getting it set-up, your new website will be hosted in a temporary location allowing you to edit your site before it is live. Once you are ready to go live, we will provide you detailed instructions on how to point your current domain to your new FolioWebsites – simple as that.


Can I keep/use my current domain name?

Absolutely! We show you how to point your current domain name to your new website once you are ready to go live. If you need a domain name, we recommend Network Solutions or GoDaddy’s domain registration.


Can I buy a domain name from FolioWebsites?

If you need a domain name, we recommend Network Solutions or GoDaddy’s domain registration.


What is your refund policy?

Due to the open source nature of FolioWebsites themes, all sales are final. For more information regarding this please view our Terms of Service here.


What does my hosting account include?

Our hosting accounts include 2GBs of space per installation, unlimited bandwith, email (including integration with Gmail or Google Apps), and unrestricted FTP and cPanel access all on a highly optimized hosting infrastructure.


Do your websites use flash?

No! Our websites are 100% HTML, Javascript and CSS so they will look the same on all devices.



Have more questions?

No problem. Feel free to contact our friendly support team.

Hosting Information

What does my hosting account include?

Our hosting accounts include 7GBs of space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Email (and integration with Gmail or Google Apps), Unrestricted FTP and cPanel access on a highly optimized hosting infrastructure.


What is the process for setup?

Once you purchase a website you will be re-directed to an account setup page where you can setup your new website instantly.Your new website will be held in a temporary location allowing you to customize the website at a private domain name, and once your website is ready to go live we will give you the nameservers to point your current domain to your new website, simple as that.


Will I have FTP or cPanel access?

Yes, every hosting account has FTP and cPanel access.


Can I host the website myself?

At this time we do not allow self-hosting. Our websites are a highly advanced system compared to most website solutions that serve only one purpose. Our 3-in-1 websites integrate with the robust WordPress platform and include a system of themes, plugins, server configurations, and databases that all need to work together. To maintain a low cost, high quality service we setup all the websites and host all our clients in one dedicated server. This allows us to make sure all the websites are running properly as well as provide future updates to the websites at no additional cost.

When you break it down, our website plan ( plus hosting ) is around the same cost as a higher quality hosting provider, so its really a great deal!


Can I keep my current domain name when I sign up with FolioWebsites?

Absolutely. We show you how to point your current domain name to your new website once you are ready to go live. If you need a domain name, we recommend Network Solutions or GoDaddy’s domain registration.


How do you handle email?

Our hosting accounts include email service, though we highly recommend integration with GMAIL as they are the best in the biz.


Why do you recommend gmail for email?

Good question. Below are a few reasons why

  • GMAIL doesn’t “steal” resources from your website because its hosted on Googles servers.
  • You can cloak GMAIL to use your domain email address. ( example : )
  • GMAIL is the best in the business spam blocking.
  • GMAIL is the best in the business in reliability and timeliness of sent emails.
  • GMAIL provides you with 25 Gbs of space.
  • GMAIL allows you to send up to 25 Mb email attachments.
  • and they provide many more amazing features you will fall in love with.


I don’t have a gmail account, how should I set one up?

If you don’t have a gmail account, no worries, just CLICK HERE and sign up for a free account.


Will I lose all my previous emails if I switch to FolioWebsites hosting?

No. We can show you how to import all your emails to your computer using a mail client so you will have access to all your old emails. Note, this is one of the main reasons we recommend using Gmail or a “non-hosting” account based email service, as your emails will be located on different servers than your website, allowing you to change website and hosting providers without affecting your email accounts.

Website Theme Information

Will your websites work on iphone, ipad, droid, etc?

Yes, that is the beauty of WordPress over platform’s like Flash. Our websites are 100% HTML, Javascript, & CSS so they will look the same on any device you try to open the website on. WordPress is one of the most accessible platform’s available so you never have to worry about it working on devices or browsers.


Do your websites contain flash?

No. Our websites are 100% HTML, Javascript, & CSS so they will look the same on any device you try to open the website on. We are big proponents of “Flash Free” websites as there are far fewer compatibility issues when websites do not contain Flash.


What does the back-end of FolioWebsites look like?

The back-end of FolioWebsites is extremely user-friendly as it utilizes the WordPress CMS. This allows you to manage your website and blog from the same content management system.


Can I change website themes in the future if I would like?

Yes. If you would like to switch themes in the future you are more than welcome to do so. FolioWebsites policy allows our customers to change website themes once a year. If you would like to change website themes more than once in a year, a nominal fee of $50.00 will be charged for set-up of this additional theme. The beauty of our website platform is that your current website changes will stay intact from one website theme to the next. All you have to do is activate the new website theme and voila, you have a new website theme.


Do your websites have the ability to play music?

For legal reasons with music royalty licensing, we don’t include music with our websites. If you choose to include music into your Folio theme you are responsible for installing the plug-in and or code as well as licensing the music you play. FolioWebsites is not responsible for any issues that may arise regarding the addition of music to your website.


Does FolioWebsites integrate with SHOOTQ?

Yes, FolioWebsites allows for you to integrate your contact form with ShootQ.


Do your websites come with client proofing?

Yes, with our websites you can create “password protected” posts/galleries which you can use for client proofing.


Do your websites include shopping cart?

Currently our websites do not include a shopping cart though you can sell products through paypal and other online merchant services using various WordPress plugins.

Website Cuztomizations & Details

Are your websites customizable?

Yes. You can upload your logo and a custom background pattern or color, change the colors of the menu and page titles, or install any of the hundreds of available free WordPress plugins. Also, because our websites are built on the WordPress platform, the possibilities of customizing your informational pages are endless. And yes, you can definitely upload your own images to your new website CLICK HERE to see what a few of our clients have done with their FolioWebsites theme.


Can I change the font on the website & blog?

Yes. You can change the font on the website & blog, we highly recommend using default browsers fonts for menu items. FolioWebsites are a little different than flash-based websites in that the browser is actually “rendering” the font, so we highly recommend using browser compatible fonts (which there are several options in both san serif and serif fonts). The major advantage to the browser rendering the font is that the browser can actually read the text (which helps tremendously with SEO). The disadvantage is that its not a “movie” playing in the window so you can’t “hide” the font from the browser.


If I want to add wordpress plug-in’s to my folio site, How do I go about doing that?

If there are specific WordPress plugin’s that you want to embed in your FOLIO website that we didn’t already install for you, you can definitely add them in. Unfortunately we can’t provide support for additional plug-in’s as there are hundreds of thousands of available ones.


What size are the images?

Our websites can accommodate a wide range of image sizes (750px x 500px, 800px x 533px, 960px x 640px, 1140px x 760px).


How many pages does the website allow?

As many as your little heart desires! Our websites allow for as many galleries and/or text sections as you need to promote your business.


How do I add images and text to the websites?

WordPress has a built in CMS system for adding images, adding text, creating pages, creating blog posts, adding plugins, etc. We have an entire support website which will show you step by step the process of making your website your own.

Dual Portal & Landing Page

What is a dual portal?

A “Dual Portal” is typically used by businesses that offer multiple types of services and have a need for multiple websites. For example, if you are a photographer and you offer commercial services as well as portrait services, you could purchase a dual portal and have a unique website for each service.

*** you can view a few examples of a dual portal here : CLICK HERE to view FRAME theme and CLICK HERE to view NEAT theme (both clients did slight customizations to their landing page)


Can I have a dual portal?

Yes, for a one-time fee of $75 we can set up a dual portal for you so you can have two websites with the same, branded look (and your yearly payment will stay the same).


Can I add a dual portal after I purchase a single website?

Yes. You can always add a dual portal later if you would like to just start out with one website. Just email us and let us know that you would like this option.


Do you offer a landing page?

Landing pages typically exist on websites that contain Flash or other plugin-required languages, as the landing page helps with compatibility issues for mobile devices, etc.


If I already have a blog can I keep it?

Yes. Our websites do offer a complete solution with a built-in branded blog, but if you already have a blog you love you can simply have the blog menu item link to your current blog or we can help you move your blog to the new hosting account , your choice.


If I already have a blog can I import into a FolioWebsites & blog?

Yes. WordPress has built in export/import feature that imports all your previous posts, images, and comments from most major blog platforms into your new WordPress blog. And no worries, we provide instructions on how to do this.


Can I add video?

Yes. you can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other popular web video services available.

Customer Service

How do you handle custom service questions and help?

We handle all customer service questions and help online (via email & our support ticket system) – please note that we do not provide phone support. If you are a current Folio client and need help from our team, we ask that you submit a support ticket by CLICKING HERE.


What are your hours of service?

We do our best to respond to all non-urgent emails and inquiries within 24-48 hours Monday through Friday (9am to 5pm EST).

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