1 What is included in with each plan?

For more information on what is included in each one of our website plans, please reference our Pricing Page.

2 How do I upgrade/change my account plan?
  1. Look under Settings and click on Account and it will direct you to the Account page. Click on the Upgrade Plan link on the lower right hand of the page.

  2. After you click on the Upgrade Plan link, it will direct you to the Upgrade Plan page where you can choose from a MONTHLY, QUARTERLY and YEARLY fee. Then hit on the UPGRADE button down below to apply/change your plan.

3 How do I change my account password?
  1. Go under Settings and click on Account. Under User Account click on Change password.

  2. The UPDATE YOUR PASSWORD will pop up. Put in your current password, then your new password and lastly confirm new password. Hit on update to save your credentials.

4 How to add your custom domain name to your FolioWebsites on BlueHost?
  1. Navigate to My.BlueHost.com. Enter your domain name, password and hit submit.

  2. Click Domains from the navigation.

  3. Check off the box next to your domain and then go to the Main tab and select Manage DNS records.

    Important: Make sure that nameservers are set to default

  4. In the Editor, under Add DNS Record, add the following values to the required fields to point your own domain to your Folio Subdomain.

    • Host Record: www
    • Leave the TTL field at “14400“
    • Type: CName
    • Points to: mydomain.foliowebsites.com

      (Please use your Foliowebsites subdomain here located in Settings page, then, domain section or you can copy and paste your website’s URL)

    • Then click Add Record button.
  5. Under domain, click redirect to add redirection.

  6. Input the following values to the required fields:

    • Choose Permanent
    • http://www.? : mydomain.com (Please use your custom domain here without “www”)
    • Redirects to: http://www.mydomain.com (Please use your custom domain here with “www”)
    • Select “Redirect with or without www”
    • Then click, “add this redirect

    Please be aware that DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to complete.

5How to connect your account with Stripe?
  1. To connect your Stripe account to Folio. Go to Payments on the main menu.

  2. On Payments page, click Integrations Tab. Click Connect with Stripe link.

  3. You’ll be redirected to Connect with Folio Stripe page. Fill in all the necessary details or Login to your account and click Authorize access to this account.

  4. Once successfully integrated a success page will show. To go back to the builder click the Back to builder button.

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