Fantastic Forms

Whipping up beautiful online forms has never been easier or faster. Folio’s visual form builder allows you to collect any type of data you want to collect from users.


Folio’s form builder has pre-formatted fields for names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, dates, times… and the list goes on. Plus, with Google Captcha integration you can ensure your forms are protected from spam bots.

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Contact Information

Folio has pre-formatted fields to make collecting the most common type of information like name, address, phone number, email address easy.

Date & Time

Want to create a scheduling form on your website? No problem. Folio has date and time fields allow users to select a date or a range of dates and select a time of day.

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Advanced Fields

You can collect virtually any type of data with Folio’s advanced fields. Collect feedback with multiple section fields and radio buttons. Get user confirmations or opt-ins with a checkbox field. Or even allow users to upload files.

Field Options

You can edit the label name for each field, add an optional description and choose whether a field is required or optional to submit a form.

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Professionally Designed Websites

Custom website designs from Folio are just $299

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Data Validation

All form fields have data validation to ensure an email address is actually an email address. Additionally we sanitize all data submitted to ensure your website remains safe and secure and use Google reCaptcha to validate human users.

Mobile Ready

Build one form and it’s instantly ready to be viewed and used on desktop browser, tablet devices and smartphones.

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Form Settings

You can set one or more people you would like form data emailed to upon submission.

Legal Compliance

You can create universal terms & conditions and privacy policies for your website which appear at the bottom of each form to ensure you stay in compliance with relevant local laws and company policy.