Content Management

For all our custom website customers Folio provides unlimited websites updates pushed live to your website within one business day. Simple fill out an online request form, email, chat or call us with your updates and our team does the rest.


You can also manage and update your own content with Folio’s visual website editor Builder. With Builder you can edit content, add photos, blog posts and add whole new pages or section on existing pages.

Person dragging page title
Adjusting a column

Meet Builder

Builder is Folio’s visual tool to manage all your website content. Builder looks just like your website except it has overlays that appear as you hover on different sections of your website allowing you to edit content as you navigate from page to page.

Page Sections

You can also add new sections to any web page. Simply choose how many columns you want, drag the section to where you want it and then add text, photo or other content elements.

2nd column - icon
1st column - icon

Content Elements

You can add elements to new or existing sections and can include titles, paragraph text, photos, videos, forms and more. All your changes are saved in real time as you type and make adjustments.

Professionally Designed Websites

Custom website designs from Folio are just $299