As Folio continues to grow, we’re finding that many non-profit business owners are struggling to find cost-effective, professional website design companies. No story rings this to be more true than the story of Working Warrior.



The Business


It was October 2018 when we originally got in contact with Sandy of Working Warrior. She had been working with the Federal Government for years as veteran of the United States Coast Guard, and was working on building a new organization to help other veterans enter the federal hiring process. As it turns out, getting hired as a government employee is very difficult. Furthermore, there are federal programs to assist veterans in finding employment, that not many people are aware of. To make matters more complicated, most agencies that offer assistance to veterans looking for federal employment are charging hundreds of dollars for their services. Sandy’s solution? Connect with veterans from a knowledgeable standpoint of someone who understands the process, and charge veterans a fair cost.


The Problem


When we originally spoke with Sandy, she had already found a web design shop to help her out. Wanting to see it through, she decided to hold off on exploring us as an option. Months later, we reconnected with Sandy. She had run into the same problem so many business owners have encountered. Unfortunately, after paying a web design shop hundreds of dollars, they had lost contact before the project was able to be finished. Inconsistency in web design service is one of the largest reasons business owners distrust web designs shops. Filled with frustration from her previous experience, Sandy reached back out to us. Since she was a veteran, Sandy reached out to us because she knew we employed veterans on our team.


The Solution


Although Sandy reached out to us because our veteran employees, that’s not a reason for her to do business with us. After learning about Sandy’s situation, we completely understood where she was coming from. Then, we explained to her how Folio’s custom design studio works very different. While most custom website shops have one, two, or three people working on all projects, Folio employs 40 specialists in design, content management, content building, front-end development, back-end development, support staff, project managers, and account managers. This business model allows each staff member to hyper-focus on their skill-set. We have multiple hands touching each project that we work on, which allows us to create a consistent experience every time. Much like the assembly line did for the auto industry.



The Results

We worked with Sandy for two months to bring her dream to reality. First, she met with our content manager to discuss the message she wants to send her audience. From there, we optimized her content and sent it to our design team. Jellyfer created a patriotic design within a matter of days to resonate with Working Warrior’s Audience. After a couple revisions, the design was exactly what we were looking for. From there, Sandy had one more meeting with our content manager to discuss programs on an in-depth level. Once the site had more depth, our Senior Designer, Earl did some quality assurance testing on the website. Once she was ready to launch, Sandy connected her domain to the site to bring it live! Since Sandy had trouble getting the website off the ground, it had been holding her entire business back. Once we launched the new website, she sent it out to her entire network of veterans and started taking calls. We’re stoked about the work Working Warrior is doing, and are lucky for the opportunity to support them.



5 Stars

“This Company was selected by me because they are very Veteran friendly. Mike worked with me and held my hand every step of the way because I am not an IT person. I would ask any Veteran looking for help creating a web page to give them a chance, you won’t be sorry. Check out”

Sandy Penswater (Working Warrior)