Beautiful Blogging

Folio provides business owners, bloggers and marketing teams a robust, distraction free blogging platform with all the features you’d expect in a blog.


The Folio Blog Manager provides a powerful set of tools to schedule future posts, optimize SEO and organize your posts by categories and tags.

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Distraction Free Blogging

A clean, distraction free post editor is at the heart of the Folio Blog Manager. All your post settings are hidden when you write, allow you to focus on your content.

Schedule Your Posts

With Folio you can publish a post immediate or schedule each one out to be automatically published at a future date and time.

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Professionally Designed Websites

Custom website designs from Folio are just $299

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Post Optimization

For each post you can add tags, assign categories as well as optimize your SEO metadata to ensure your posts drive web traffic once published.

Blog Layout Manager

You can choose to hide or show a sidebar on your live blog page and select the widgets you want to show users, such as feature posts, post tags, post categories and your post archive.

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